Warehouse Employee – GXO Logistics

The job entails using a handheld scanner to pick orders, packing various products like clothing, footwear, and cables into crates, labeling them, performing quality control checks, and preparing the orders for dispatch.

Functie omschrijving

This position offers a dynamic and engaging opportunity to be an integral part of our logistics team. You will be equipped with cutting-edge handheld technology to accurately select and scan products—ranging from stylish apparel and footwear to essential items like cables. Your role will extend to meticulously packing these items into crates, ensuring they are securely labeled, and conducting thorough quality checks to uphold our standards. Finally, you will prepare and stage orders for dispatch, playing a critical role in our commitment to deliver excellence to our customers. This job is ideal for those who thrive in a fast-paced, detail-oriented environment and are passionate about contributing to a seamless supply chain process.

Over Werk 2.0

Work 2.0 has been active in job placement since 2015. We are experienced specialists in deploying and staffing experienced, passionate, and eager-to-learn employees or freelancers. Solving ad hoc requests and services is our specialty. Is there a shortage at the client’s site? No problem. We ensure the right person is in the right place.

Vereiste vaardigheden

  • A basic command of the English language, ensuring effective communication within our diverse team.
  • A readiness for long-term cooperation, demonstrating flexibility and the willingness to work in varying shifts. It’s important to note that days off may vary, requiring adaptability.
  • Previous experience as an order-picker is valued, though not mandatory. Candidates with such experience will likely have a smoother transition into this role and can contribute their refined skills to our operations immediately.

Over jouw werk plek

This workplace is a dynamic and fast-paced environment that prides itself on efficiency and teamwork. Situated in a modern facility, the company is dedicated to maintaining high standards of operation and is equipped with the latest technology to facilitate smooth logistics processes. The team is diverse, comprising individuals from various backgrounds who bring unique perspectives and skills to the table.

A strong emphasis is placed on employee development and well-being, with numerous opportunities for training and growth. The management is supportive and proactive, often engaging with staff to ensure their needs are met and their potential is fully realized. Safety and quality are paramount, with rigorous protocols in place to ensure that both products and employees are well-cared for.

Moreover, the company values sustainability and ethical practices, aiming to minimize environmental impact and uphold social responsibilities. This workplace not only offers a challenging and rewarding career but also the chance to be part of a progressive and socially responsible organization.

Dit bieden wij jou

We offer a competitive compensation package that includes:

  • A gross hourly rate of €13.27.
  • A holiday allowance that is added directly to the basic rate, enhancing your earnings during holiday periods.
  • An increased pay rate of 150% of the basic rate for night shifts, applicable to any work done after 10 p.m., recognizing the extra effort of working these hours.
  • A premium pay of 200% of the basic rate for work on Sundays and public holidays, ensuring that your time and dedication on these special days are appropriately rewarded.
  • A driver’s allowance of €25 per week, provided as an extra benefit for those who undertake driving responsibilities.

This comprehensive compensation structure is designed to recognize and reward the hard work and flexibility of our team members.

Aanvullende informatie

Ben jij enthousiast geworden van de functie Warehouse Employee – GXO Logistics en zie jij jezelf als een bijdrage leveren binnen het dynamische team van Werk 2.0? Solliciteer dan direct door jouw cv en een korte motivatie te sturen naar info@werk20.nl Wil je liever nog iets meer informatie over de vacature? Bel ons dan op het nummer 0320 7676076.

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